Way To Go Traffic Solutions specializes in providing traffic management solutions for construction sites, roadworks, events, and other projects that require a high level of safety. Our services include traffic engineering design and planning, installation of warning signs and barricades, provision of trained personnel to direct traffic flow at intersections or on highways, as well as developing strategies to reduce congestion. With our expertise and experience in traffic management, Way To Go can help ensure that your project runs smoothly without any delays or accidents.



Trust our highly trained and experienced professionals to provide reliable and efficient flagging services to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and the safety of all involved.

Lane Closure


Ensures the safety of drivers and workers during road construction, maintenance, or any other situation that requires the temporary closure of a lane or roadway.

Emergency Traffic Control


From temporary lane closures to full-scale evacuations, Way To Go will respond quickly to help ensuring road safety and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Special Events Traffic Control


Rest assured that traffic flow will be expertly managed, ensuring the safety and convenience of all attendees, while minimizing the impact on surrounding areas.

24 Hour Emergency
Dispatch Service

On-Call 24/7
Rain or Shine, Day or Night



I have been working with WayToGo Traffic Solutions for several years, and I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism, efficiency, and commitment to safety. Their team of experts is always reliable and responsive, providing top-quality traffic control solutions tailored to our unique needs. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable and efficient traffic control.

I highly recommend WayToGO for their outstanding service and professionalism. They were responsive to our needs and provided us with effective traffic control solutions that ensured the safety of our workers and the public. Their team of experts demonstrated exceptional communication skills and attention to detail, which helped to minimize disruptions and keep the traffic flowing smoothly. It was a pleasure working with them, and we will definitely use their services again in the future.

We recently hired WayToGo for a major construction project, and I couldn’t have been more impressed with their professionalism and expertise. Their team of experts provided efficient and effective traffic control solutions, ensuring the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and workers. Their attention to detail and commitment to safety were evident throughout the entire project, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of top-quality traffic control services.


Do you provide services on the Island? How about Whistler?

Way To Go Traffic Solutions services cover a vast area that includes the British Columbia lower mainland, as well as the western islands of British Columbia, with Whistler serving as the northern boundary of our service area, providing our clients with comprehensive traffic control solutions throughout the region.

What is your hours of operation?

Way To Go offers round-the-clock service, with our team of professionals available 24/7 to provide immediate support and assistance for emergency situations or unexpected events, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our clients at all times.

Are your employees certified?

At Way To Go, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our team, all of whom are certified by the British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA), ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service from knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are committed to safety and excellence.

What does each of your truck hold?

  • Full set of regulatory construction signs including road closed/ local traffic only
  • Two sets of 50 km speed reduction
  • 15 tripods, 7 windmasters, 360 beacon lights and 30 cones
  • 3 radios with chargers
  • First aid kits
  • Highway signs if requested
  • Barricades if requested
  • FAB

Are you insured?

Rest assured that Way To Go is fully insured and compliant with WorkSafeBC regulations, providing our clients with peace of mind and ensuring that all of our services are delivered with the highest level of safety and professionalism.

Our team is here to assist you with any questions or inquiries you may have, and we look forward to hearing from you to discuss how our traffic control solutions can meet your unique needs.